Skyline cubicles

» W.C & Shower Cubicles

An extensive selection of W.C. and changing cubicles, duct panelling and vanity unit systems to suit all environments.

» W.C & Shower Cubicles
Vanity Units

» Vanity Units

An extensive range of fully framed Vanity Units providing our customers an excellent selection of worktop surface finishes to suit all environments.

» Vanity Units
Wall and Duct Panelling

» Wall and Duct Panelling

Fully framed, pre-hung washroom duct and wall panel systems with all face panels factory mounted onto either timber or metal subframe systems.

» Wall and Duct Panellings
Lockers and Benches

» Lockers and Benches

An extensive range of Lockers and Seat Benching to satisfy all your changing area requirements.

» Lockers and Benches

Washrooms & cubicles

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